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Clients do not really care what you know until they know you really care

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Co-Stomers Say

Co-Stomers Say

Eugene and I started a Co-Fiitness programme with our wonderfully patient trainer, Roger Tan, 6 months or so ago. In that time, we have had a lot of fun exercising together outdoors, though if you heard us complain and moan you would not have guessed it. Heh. The best part is that we now know how to do many of the exercises with much better form than before and can do sessions at home on our own. If you and your partner want to get fitter together, do contact Co-Fiitness – you won’t regret it! Thanks Roger! See you next week!

Tricia Seow

Co-Fiitness is about using yours or your partner’s own bodyweight, some simple inexpensive tools like resistance bands, a bars and you are all ready to keep fit! With consistency in your training, it can help to improve your strength and stamina. You will see improvements from your daily tasks like climbing upstairs, playing with kids, dog or while playing sports because you feel less tired. Yes .. it can be conducted outdoor, which is what I like! “Why do you need a Personal Trainer?”. This is because, a trainer, like Roger is there to guide us and correct our postures and weaknesses, lessening the risk of injuring joints when doing the exercises that strengthen the muscles. Like for myself, my hands or rather the upper body are rather weak, so he has recommended a few exercises for me.


I truly believe in maintaining the quality of life as one ages. Thus, I started looking out for a professional Personal Trainer for my mum, who is in her 70s, to help her strengthen her physical fitness. I’m very thankful to come across Co-fiitness that offers a fitness training programme that is not in a typical gym environment (which is rather intimidating for many older folks / seniors) but ready to tailor the exercises to the clients’ needs in a home environment. The result is excellent! Roger is able to converse in Teochew, Hokkien and Mandarin, which makes Mum feels at ease and comfortable. Their sessions are often filled with laughter that I suspect they are having too much fun! Glad to see both Mum and her domestic helper doing the exercises on their own. Mum even signed up another 8 sessions after the initial package!!


Co-Fiitness!! Their strength training programme is specially developed for two persons. Using each other’s weight & counter forces to create resistance to build strength. What a fantastic idea!

Recently had the opportunity to try out their programme and it was truly an amazing experience. Definitely a fun way to exercise, keep fit and have a good bonding session with your buddy. Quick grab your partner/buddy and try out Coach Roger’s fitness programmes.

Annabelle Koh

Make sure to check out this amazing partner-based body resistance programme by Coach Roger. With just two people, a wonderful fitness experience can be achieved! Simply grab your partner or your buddy and try out these exercises. With the simple use of body resistance and bands, fitness can be achieved literally anywhere. This idea came about during the lockdown when there was no access to the gym, Coach Roger wanted to make a fitness program to help people keep fit, thus Co-Fiitness was made!

I find the experience really wonderful and it is nice to try out new fitness options. It is especially useful as a fun bonding session as well and suitable for all ages.


I tried out Co-Fiitness exercise with my bff. We had fun doing it together and also sweat a lot. It’s a healthy way to bond with bff! These are strength and resistance training exercises that requires inexpensive equipment. It involves another partner so both can encourage each other to exercise. I really like the idea!

Peggy Leong

𝗖𝗼-𝗙𝗶𝗶𝘁𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 is a fitness workout specially designed for 2 persons. It builds muscle strength using each other’s weight and by exerting force/resistance with resistance bands, bars and medicine balls. Personally, I have a great experience with the trainer, Roger. Roger is a certified personal trainer. During the session, he explained clearly what needed to be done and patiently watching us to ensure each movement is correct. I had a great workout session with Roger. SK, my exercise partner, and I had lots of fun. It was a good workout, just using each other’s weight. And we did sweat it out! My muscles were aching the next few days .. (those neglected muscles, haha).

Ray Yee

I had so much fun with my daughter doing Co-Fiitness resistance strength exercises. Our Personal Trainer, Roger, was so patient. He guided us the accurately every step of the way to ensure that we are using the right muscles and proper technique for every different exercise. We had a great time experiencing the strength training exercises together at the same time we are able to encourage each other to exercise conveniently at home or at our nearby park and also saving money on gym membership too.


Started at 105 kg with severe sleep apnea, have lost over 7kg so far over a 3-month period. Roger has provided the motivation and technique I needed to improve my quality of life, mentally and physically. He would mix cardio and strength training, exercises that target large muscle groups and smaller muscle groups, cheering me on while I pushed myself to the limits. His style of training anywhere, anytime using resistance bands, bars and medicine ball really suited me because I need a flexible schedule due to my work timings. I stopped huffing while walking to the station by week 4, lowered my heartrate by week 8.

Highly recommend him.


Had a really fun time with Roger who curated this couple fitness workout. He got us to use each other’s weight and counter forces to create resistance to build strength. Sweatz … but it was really really good! Through the workout, I came to realise my core muscles were quite weak. Since then, I focused more on strengthening this area. Highly recommended for couples who want to burn calories and have a good bonding time. Very good because we could go out and eat more .. and repeat. Thanks Roger for this awesome session.

Pei Ying

Didn’t expect so many strength training exercises can be done with just resistance bands, bars and each other’s weight. I am amazed! Roger is knowledgeable and was able to help me improve my techniques so that strength training can be more effective for me. I like the idea of training outdoor and getting the personal attention to help me improve. I look forward to my end goals.


Had a fun fitness workout session specially developed for 2 with Personal Trainer Roger. I find his Co-Fiitness exercises are very unique and personalised for 2 persons. Try it! Jio your friends to work out together.

Alicia Tan

Co-fitness strength training with Roger has been an extremely fruitful experience. With just some resistance bands & the use of my partner’s body weight, every session has left my barely-there (but slowly developing) muscles aching! Importantly too, we got to learn how to work out with the proper positions so as not to strain the wrong muscles, as both hubby & I have back issues. I now know how to get a safe & effective workout at home. The co-fitness factor also means that I cannot escape the extra weekly practice workouts as the hubby keeps us in line. 😆

Thanks Roger!


Coach Roger is knowledgeable and experienced. Even though my buddy and I have been going to the gym for our workouts, Roger was able to identify areas we did wrongly and corrected our forms and movements. I must say Co-Fiitness surpasses my expectations as many strength training exercises that are done in the gyms can be performed outdoor with a buddy and simple equipment like resistance bands, bars and each other’s weight. My muscles were burning during the exercises. A great alternative for those who do not want to go to the gym for weight training.


Having a heart-attack and hospitalised was a wakeup call for me. The doctor advised that I should get active but start slow first. Deep inside me, I know I should but I needed support. I’m so glad my friend, Roger, who is the Founder of Co-Fiitness, introduced my wife and I to strength training exercises designed for 2 persons that can be done at home with simple equipment like resistance bands, bars and each other’s weight. They are effective .. targeting my neglected muscles and working out my cardiovascular system too. Furthermore, I can exercise with my wife, who encourages me to stay active, and we are able to do these exercises at home which is a huge advantage as we are stationed in Dalian, China, which is cold for most times of the year. I’m determined to improve my quality of life.

Roland and Yingshi

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