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give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and youfeed him for a lifetime.


Personal Training in Twos 

Fitness Goal Suitability

  • Trial-Two

    1 Hour Session
    $50 per couple

  • Empower-Two

    8 Sessions of 1 hour each
    $140 per couple / session

  • Emerge-Two

    No. of session is decided by clients
    $120 per couple / session


Strength Training in a Group
Form your own group, find a venue and we’ll be there

Fitness Goal Suitability

  • Introductory Class

    1 Hour Session
    $18 per pax — Minimum 6 pairs to start

  • Empower Class

    8 Sessions of 1 hour each
    $280 per pax / 8 sessions — Minimum 3 pairs to start

  • Emerge Class

    4 Sessions of 1 hour each
    $100 per pax / 4 sessions — Minimum 4 pairs to start

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