Singapore’s 1st Strength Training ProgrammeFor Twos

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A Unique Fitness programme for 2





A range of simple yet effective weight-bearing and force-exertion exercises that are executed by 2 persons without the need to use gym machines and equipment.

Co-Fiitness’ strength training exercises are evaluated and endorsed by a professional.

Jacky Wu is a certified and practicing Integrated Holistic Physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience.

“Co-Fiitness is indeed effective and unique. We should pay attention to gaining muscle mass and strength as we age. Co-Fiitness is great for those who want to start strength training with guidance”.

Jacky Wu

Certified Integrated Holistic Physiotherapist

Modesof Training


Personal training
in twos

Spouses, buddies, bf/gf, parent / child


strength training
in groups

Organisations’ fitness
programmes / events



To lose weight and/or get toned with a combination of Strength and Cardio exercises Programme.


To gain strength to improve quality of life, reduce risk of injury and fight Sarcopenia with a variety of Strength exercises programme.


To improve sports performance with strength training targeting specific movements related to the sports.

WHY must I include strength training in my fitness regime?

What Our

Co-Stomers Say

I knew I had a good workout for my neglected muscles when the ache lasted a few days after having a session of workout done with my sis under the guidance of Roger Tan, founder of @co_fiitness , a certified personal trainer.

This fitness workout was new to me. The intention was to build muscle strength using each other’s weight and resistance without having the need to go to a gym for this. Just some basic tools like resistance band and medicine ball (provided by Roger).

Roger briefed us on how to execute it correctly and all eyes were on us all the time to make sure our posture was right to prevent any injuries. Lots of laughter, discover our own strengths and weaknesses and yes, we did sweat it out. By the time we did the last exercise, I almost kissed the mat! I had used up 90% of my energy.

Serene Seah


We believe in enabling you to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle by transferring the necessary knowledge and skills to you.

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